Home Practice Pulling the Trigger

If you are practicing presenting your pistol from concealment and have become smooth with it, you should add in pressing the trigger each time. If you have a striker fired pistol such as the Glock you will need to rack the slide in order to reset the trigger each time to press it. This is a drawback of the Glock when trying to practice trigger manipulation.

What this means is that when you have pressed the trigger and it has clicked you need to manipulate the slide. A good training idea is to treat the click as you would a malfunction in a live fire scenario. The first half of malfunction clearing is to do the following: Remove your finger from the trigger and place it on the frame of the pistol. At the same time with your support hand tap on the magazine that’s in the pistol (in case it is not fully seated in the pistol) then rack the slide with the support hand to eject the bad round (or to load the chamber that was somehow empty.) The trigger is now reset. I usually do this and then pull the trigger again for a total of two trigger pulls per draw.

If you have an empty magazine in the pistol and manipulate the slide it will lock back the slide. It’s supposed to do that because the pistol is now empty of bullets. To get around this you can buy a package of SnapCaps or training rounds at your local gun store. These are inert rounds that you can put into your magazine and then manipulate the slide without it locking back. You will also need these training bullets to mix in with live rounds during your range training. More on that later.

If you have extra money to burn and are shooting Glock you can buy the SIRT training pistol

I have no affiliation with this company. This is a training pistol that has a double action trigger. I personally believe the hundreds of dollars are better spent on ammunition to live fire but other students love the SIRT.


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