Fundamental 4: Putting it All Together at Home

Now it’s time to put all the previous posts together. After unloading the pistol and setting up your practice target on your safe wall, move to the other side of the room (4-7 yards) and draw your pistol from concealment to sight alignment on target. You should end up with your focus on the front sight if everything went as planned.

Usually what happens when you first put all this together in practice is your grip is poor. On step one of the draw you are establishing your grip. You need to get your strong hand high on the back strap of the pistol and have your middle finger touching the trigger guard before you remove it from the holster. When you draw the pistol to step two your strong hand grip is complete and does not need to change.  Practice the complete draw to on target until it is smooth and the grip is proper. If you have to adjust your grip after you are on target it might be that you need to go back and practice that initial grip on the pistol before you remove it from the holster.

If you have put all the previous posts together properly you will have a proper grip on the pistol with the front sight in the center or your practice target, your sights will be lined up and your focus will be on the front sight. You should practice this presentation of the pistol. Remember to check all the index points taught in the previous posts. That’s the only way to know if your grip and sight alignment are proper. Over time it should become faster and faster. If you start ending up with a bad grip or not right on target then slow back down and work your way back up faster. You should be going as fast as you can present it smoothly. Speed in not important at this time.

Remember the safety concerns when you holster the pistol. Practice canting the muzzle out away from the body when you holster. Make this a habit when you practice, even at home. As an aside most practice ranges will not allow you to practice your draw during your shooting practice. This is because of mistakes people make by putting their finger on the trigger too quickly and shooting something they should not such as themselves, the ground, etc. The next post will be about the trigger press. At this stage as a new shooter you shouldn’t even worry too much about this. When you practice at the range you can hold the pistol as illustrated in step 2 of the draw then building your grip to on target, then shoot. It is a good idea to think about this and ask your instructor to show you how to do this. Remember it’s their range, the rules are for everyone’s safety, including yours.

Remember, you have not practiced pulling the trigger. Your practice at this time should be with your trigger finger along the frame. Not on the trigger.


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