Empty Gun Reload (Emergency Reload)

When a person studies gunfights, both police and civilian, they notice that reloads don’t normally happen. When reloads do happen they occur for specific reasons. Some of the reasons are long distance, cover or multiple attackers in multiple locations. Meaning most of the time you will not ever reload the gun during a typical gunfight. If you do reload the gun it will probably mean you have time, distance and/or cover.

For the above reasons I personally do not spend hours trying to perfect the worlds greatest reload. My suggestion is that using the Pareto Principle you learn to reload the gun smoothly and relatively quickly. Then during your live fire practice pick a reload and practice it. Do this to keep it smooth.

There are three common types of reloads: the empty gun reload sometimes called the emergency reload, the stress reload and the tactical reload. The empty gun reload is obviously when the gun is empty. The slide will lock back showing that it is empty. Sometimes small guns do not have a slide stop and the slide will not lock back. Also, sometimes your grip can interfere with the slide stop causing it not to lock back. If this happens you may have to adjust your grip so that this doesn’t happen.

To load an empty gun:

1. Bring the gun into your chest by placing your elbow into your ribs. Press the magazine release to allow the empty magazine to fall out. At the same time use your support hand to grab the full magazine out of the magazine pouch using the pictured index. Remember to keep the pistol just under where the bad guy is. You should be able to see the suspect just over the top of the gun.

2. Place the flat back of the magazine to the flat back of the pistols magazine well. This will also place the indexed forefinger pointing at the front of the pistol grip.

3. Insert the magazine into the pistol using the palm of your hand. If you have time you can tug on the magazine to insure it is fully inserted.

4. With an overhand grip pull the slide back all the way, releasing the slide forward. If you rack or pull the slide with authority while pushing the gun away from you the slide will slip from your grasp and you will slap your shoulder with your support hand. This is good because many people leave their support hand on the slide while it goes forward causing a malfunction. *Realize that you can also release the slide forward by pressing down on the slide stop lever. This will work and is very fast. If you go too fast you can actually release the slide before the magazine is fully inserted causing an empty chamber. If you decide to do it this way just be careful about that timing. I choose to do the overhand release of the slide because it is a sure thing. I would drop the slide too quick doing it the other way.

*I know I demonstrated it left handed in order to get my fat hand out of the way. LOL

The video shows both ways of dropping the slide. First the overhand and second the slide stop.

Next post: Stress and tactical reload.


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