Tactical Reload and Stress Reload

We will talk about the tactical reload first. If you have a lull in the gunfight and are not sure how many rounds you have left in the pistol then you can do a tactical reload. The idea is that if the fight starts back up again you have a full magazine in the pistol instead of a partially loaded magazine.

The tactical reload:

1. Removing the spare magazine the same as with an empty gun reload. Slide the index finger over to the thumb side of the magazine making a pincer shown below.


2. Grasp the base of the magazine that is in the pistol using the thumb and forefinger. Keep the magazine in your support hand parallel to the grip of the pistol.

3. Press the magazine release. Remove the magazine from the pistol and slide the full magazine into the pistol. Make sure the magazine fully seats.

4. Place the partially loaded magazine into a pocket for possible future use if the gunfight starts back up again.

The stress reload has the same idea as the tactical reload but is much easier to do, especially with shooters that have small hands.

The stress reload:

1. Remove the spare magazine with the proper index.

2. Bring it up to the pistol.

3. Press the magazine release, dropping the partially loaded magazine on the ground.

4. Insert the full magazine.

5. If you have time pick up the magazine that you dropped on the ground.

Both reloads carry out the same thing. Some people have problems manipulating large double stacked Glock magazines during that tactical reload and decide to do the stress reload. The stress reload is easy but the magazine can be damaged or lost when it it’s the ground.

As a note: I learned the tactical reload as a requirement for employment. It took a long time to learn it well. If I was a new shooting civilian I would just learn the stress reload. My tactical plan as a civilian is to runaway after the gunfight and call 911 when far away and safe. Try them both and decide which you like. Or learn  and practice both. As I said in the last post, I don’t think it matters much and you should just learn one to cover those rare times when the gunfight starts again.

The video shows the tactical reload and then a stress reload. If you practice your timing on the stress reload the partial magazine will be falling out of the magazine well as the full magazine is just ready to go in. It will look a lot like the empty gun reload except we don’t manipulate the slide on these reloads as a round is in the chamber.


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