Movement in Buildings

We move through a variety of buildings each day. Some of the buildings we reside in are the home, work and a variety of public places. The movement can be normal, dynamic or a search. Normal is everyday life which we will discuss later. Dynamic is moving directly to a certain place. A search is slow and methodical where we look every where the object we are looking for could reasonably fit. This could be to confront or avoid a bad guy.

We might dynamically move through a building to reach someone to protect them, confront them or escape. Moving to family will usually be dynamic. Time is important to lower the risk to them at the cost of increased risk to ourselves. Bypassing areas in your home where bad guys could be to move directly to where your family member is can put some bad guys behind you. Once you reach your family member then you must decide how you will deal with the bad guy inside the room and then with those bad guys who are in the rest of the building.  Remember to use the laws you studied to give an appropriate response. Once that family member is safe, do you have other members to help? If so you might move directly to them dynamically. If no other family then you might change to a fire drill and escape the building.

Will you move dynamically through your work site to save coworkers and friends or will you escape to go home to your family? You should think about this before a crisis. After dealing with situations like this as a law enforcement officer I don’t get involved. That sounds harsh and I do not say it lightly. It will pain me to move away from the trouble. We would all like to be the hero and save our fellow workers or friends. How that actually works out is not what goes through our minds. Reality usually does not end with us being the hero.

Public buildings usually require an escape. If you separate from a family member and a situation happened, you may wish you had stuck together. Remember the saying:

What we do right before we know we’re getting into a fight often decides if we win or lose.

Fighting your way to a loved one or coworker is usually harder than escaping with them. When I go to the store I shop with my wife and then she shops with me. It is not as efficient but much safer. Plus we can enjoy each others company on the outing.

If there is no reason to move quickly within a building then don’t. Moving slowly and methodically. If you are escaping then do so using the shortest route. Windows often work instead of doors. Think fire drill. Many people new to self-defense jump right into building searches. While emotionally I want to go in and find the bad guy who burglarized my house or chase down the bad guy who just jumped out of the window as I entered the room,  intellectually I know that is usually a bad idea. Avoid searching for or chasing bad guys at all costs. Most state laws do not allow for civilians to chase down and capture bad guys. They mostly leave that to the police.

In the next post I will talk about building searches and why I think they are a horrible idea for civilians. Then I will give you a few pointers that pertain to actual movement before the crisis and how that might lend to a successful outcome without a building search or as much dynamic movements in the building.


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