One Gun’s Rule’s for Public

Keep in mind that One Gun’s rules are made to be cumulative. So One Gun’s personal rules accompany these rules.

As always I’m having a bit of fun with rules. Everything you do must fit your life and you must use common sense when applying them. These are just a few ideas for you to start to build your own rules. Once you make your own rules you should treat them like rules. Don’t break them as they will help keep you safe.

  1. One Gun’s personal rules apply.
  2. When walking the neighborhood or in nature have a walking stick. I like using a wooden walking stick. Obviously this is good to keep more than animals away from you. Don’t mistake this for a bat or club. Let the big dogs bite it instead of you. It is used to push the animal away and allow for distance and time. Using that time, I usually pepper spray them. If they are large and vicious I have the option to go right into shooting the dog.
  3. Whenever possible wear solid shoes. Walking boots, dress shoes, cowboy boots, etc. Wearing flip-flops is no way to dress for an attack.
  4. When in your car, keep your doors locked. Not only does this keep people from entering your car, but experts suggest that a locked door tends to stay closed in violent automobile accidents. If your car automatically opens the door locks at certain moments, check the owner’s manual because often you can reprogram it to not do that.
  5. When in your car and stopped, keep space between your car and other objects. This is the time to be observant for 360 degrees. Make sure no one is approaching your car on foot. Leave a space in traffic so that your car can move. It also means to stay out of the middle on a three lane road. Having the ability to go forward and right or forward and left can go along way to allowing you to drive out of trouble.
  6. When in parking lots don’t park where your vehicle is surrounded by cars. I like to park in an empty area usually offset to the building entrance. This gives me space and the knowledge that no one is close to my car as I park and proceed on foot.
  7. When loading something in a vehicle, if possible, put the items in the trunk/tailgate. This gives you three directions to move if confronted. Trapped between two parked cars is literally a tight spot. I don’t park next to cars, but sometimes they show up while I’m inside and park next to me. When loading, take the time to keep an eye out 360 degrees. Don’t fixate on the trunk. The habit should be, load an item, look around. Load an item, look around. Do this until you are done loading. Don’t forget that often the trunk blocks your view to the front of your car. Take a peak around it while you are observing between loads.
  8. When walking in open spaces walk away from people as a habit. When you get out of your car walk straight to the entrance in order to minimize your time in the lot. Parking lots are a prime place for a citizen to be robbed. If anyone is walking between you and the entrance casually walk at a 90 degree angle away from them while looking around for any associates they might have. What this does is make a person who is trying to confront you change their direction in order to cross your path. By doing this you force the person to move toward you and you now know the person is coming for you, you just don’t know the reason. This allows you to tell the person while still far away, “Sorry can’t help you!” in a nice but commanding voice. It doesn’t really matter if the person is a bad guy, sales person, bumming for change, etc. Just like answering the door, do this for everyone. Almost always people will stop and go the other way. If they don’t, then order them to, “Stop! Don’t come closer to me!” in a stern and commanding voice. At this point you’ve asked them and then told them to get away from you. The person is either deaf or a criminal (at a minimum he has an intent to invade your personal space despite being told not to). Don’t keep saying the same thing to someone who is not going to comply. At this point it is time to, “Make” the person get a way from you. By this I mean you must take action. The circumstances of the person’s actions and proximity will dictate what lawful action you take.  Don’t think it is always force that you must use. Sometimes running away makes a perfectly acceptable option. It’s not time for your ego here. Swallow that so that you might avoid having to hurt someone.
  9. Don’t use instinct in situations that are repetitive(form habits). In the example on #8 I suggested one walk at an angle away from people who are walking toward them. What I didn’t say is, walk away from them if they look shady. I walk away from all of them, even little old ladies. Ever seen a crazy 80-year-old stab someone? I have.

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