Point to Ponder: Movement

If most civilian gunfights happen at personal distances why do we practice moving forward while shooting?

Most law-abiding civilians are at risk for only a few crimes. The main crime is robbery. Robbery tends to happen at personal distance. Many people who practice shooting and moving practice going forward or at a forty-five degree angle. Why?

When bullets start flying gunfights end quickly. Why? People get bullets in their bodies, they run out of bullets, they move so far away from who they are shooting at there is no longer a need to shoot anymore.

If you ponder how long the gunfight will last and how far you could move during that time, the answer can shape how you train for movement. I believe it looks a lot different from moving forward. Don’t get me wrong I plan on moving away from the bad guy after I see he is a bad guy. But shooting and moving usually involves something more than forward angles to the bad guy. It usually involves moving away from the bad guy to maintain distance. That distance then allows us to shoot at a normal extension of our arms.

During my training I prefer to practice sidestep with transition to  backward for a couple of steps. Then transitioning to running away when the bad guy is no longer a threat.

Try this in your backyard, park or living room. As usual you should not be using any equipment for this. You certainly should not have any weapons on your person. Leave them locked up somewhere. A fist with a thumb sticking up for a sight will transition well to real shootings. Please don’t point guns at each other during training. And don’t take blue guns or your Airsoft guns someplace people can see you. The police will come and point guns at you.

What do you prefer? Why?


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