About the site

Welcome to JustOneGun I designed this blog for a newer shooter to read in sequence. If you are an experienced shooter I hope you still read the blog as a way to get a different perspective. You may wish to skip the fundamental section and move on to the rest.

We are all busy. The faster we get close to our genetic potential in the fundamentals of the handgun the sooner we can defend ourselves at a higher level.

I believe in the Pareto Principle, commonly called the 80-20 rule. Let’s gain 80% of the skill using the first 20% of the effort. Often students begin a complicated training program and it turns out a waste of time because they never learn the fundamentals first. These programs are not bad. They are just not needed for a newer shooter. More on my philosophy here.

We all have our own priorities in life. I have noticed that each student settles into a set amount of training time unique to them. For some that is hundreds of rounds and hours of training a week. For others it is 50 rounds a year. It has always seemed to me that all students will benefit by a more streamlined training program, both at home and at the range.

I have simply decided to write extensively about a very narrow topic in the hopes of helping some people save time and money while learning to master a handgun.